The Worst Job

via Daily Prompt: Float

Today was my last day at work.

I have never been so excited.

I hate my job.

As I drove to work, I contemplated driving right past my place of employment and driving on to the next city.

This is an idea I had contemplated several times prior to today.

I hate my job that much.

As I approached the traffic lights to turn right into work, the lights turned amber warning me to slow down.

Spontaneously, I changed lanes sped through the lights and entered the express way.

I turned up the music in my car which just happened to be playing ‘Happy’ by Pharell and glided down the express at over 100km’s per hour.

Today would be the day I drive past work, and on to the next city.

It felt so incredibly freeing, almost like floating on air.

About ten kilometers down the express, I spotted a police car in my peripheral vision driving in the opposite direction.

This, for some reason bought me back to reality.

I drove up the off-ramp, through the round-a-bout and re-entered the expressway and drove back to work.

I thought that I might as well go into work.

There really was no need to delay the inevitable.

Especially because I hate my job.


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