The Journalist


I have wanted to be a journalist for most of my life.

I finally began studying the subject four years ago as part of a Communications degree.

However, at the beginning of my third year of study, the year that I would specialise in Journalism, I became disheartened with the subject.

After only a few weeks in Journalism, I changed my pathway to Public Relations.

There were several reasons for my decision:

There had been massive job losses in the journalism industry the year prior.

I wasn’t confident that I would gain a great internship.

I lacked confidence in my journalistic ability.

However, there has only been one person from my graduating class to gain work in Public Relations.

In the meantime every student from my journalism class has become a professional journalist, leaving me envious.

Over the past year since graduating, I have yearned to go back to journalism.

This year, I applied to study journalism part-time.

This course for a Diploma in Journalism will take me two years to complete.

By 2019 I plan to be a professional journalist living the dream.











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