Since I was a young girl I had a reoccurring dream of standing frozen to the spot, as a Tsunami wave threatened to crash overhead.

I would awake just in time to save myself from this fierce wave, and doom

For some reason relating to this dream, I held a strong belief that I would not live past my 25th birthday.

This caused me not to plan ahead in life.

While my friends all thought about marriage, having babies, buying a home and having successful careers.

I thought about living in the “here and now”.

In my 24th year I went as far as preparing a Will.

As my 25th birthday drew closer, I decided that if it was going to be my last I would celebrate it.

I went all out with the planning.

I booked in to get my hair and make-up done, and get a facial and massage.

I booked a hotel suite for the weekend (ironically with a harbour view) .

I booked the limo and the restaurant, and sent out the invitations.

The night before my 25th birthday I had dinner with one of my best friends.

On our return to my hotel room, we dragged the armchairs out onto the balcony and sat out there chatting until the wee small hours.

Now and again as I listened to her, I would look out onto the harbour its water glistening under the moonlight, and think about whether this would be my last night on earth.

It wasn’t.

After my 25th birthday, the re-occurring dream of the tsunami ceased.








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