Last night I dreamt that I moved into a new apartment.

It was my nieces old apartment.

She had moved out and convinced me to take over her tenancy.

The rent was cheap and the apartment was in a great location in my home city.

I arrived at the new address with my two cats and sat in the lobby with all my belongings.

Distracted by a wooden vintage chaise in the lobby, I contemplated stealing it and moving it into my new apartment.

After a long while, I opened the front door to my apartment.

Instead of it being empty, there were someone else’s belongings including their cat which scurried away into hiding.

I slammed the front door shut and walked back to my pile of belongings in the lobby.

For some reason the answer came to me immediately.

This was a shared living situation.

I would be sharing this small apartment with two others.

I had never lived with anyone apart from family before.

I was furious and called my niece, screaming down the phone at her.

She explained that the details of the shared living arrangement was in the tenancy agreement that I had signed.

My response to her was an odd response.

I told her that when I signed the tenancy agreement in my other dream, that I never saw anything about a shared living arrangement.

I hung up the phone and immediately began recollecting previous dreams I had had about this apartment.

I remember that in one dream I visited the property prior to signing the tenancy.

Suddenly I remembered seeing other peoples belongings in the apartment on that visit.

In another dream I remembered one of the conditions of the tenancy was that I would share the flat with two other tenants.

I sat in the lobby with my belongings feeling disheartened.

I didn’t want to move in with other people and their cat.

My mind told me this is a dream, wake up, and I did.











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