Ten Year Old Thief


When she was ten years old she began shoplifting.

She hadn’t initially intended to shoplift, but it soon became addictive.

One day she went on a “shopping” trip with her friends to the local mall.

Markers that wrote in gold and silver were the coolest thing to have at school.

But they were expensive.

Her friends assured her that if she went with them to the mall, they would get her a gold and silver marker.

She stood nervously as look-out keeping an eye on the store owner as her friends walked around the store.

Within ten minutes her friends walked out of the store signalling to her to follow.

In a rest area bay at the other end of the mall, her friends unloaded all their stolen loot.

She got first choice since she was new to shoplifting.

Although she was excited that she finally had a gold and silver marker when she got home that day she threw them in the rubbish, out of guilt.

A few months later she was at the pharmacy waiting for her Mother’s prescription to be filled.

When the pharmacist left the counter to go to the back of the store, she seized her opportunity.

For no good reason she grabbed the closest thing to her, a soap bar shaped like a pair of giant red lips, and stuffed it into her bag.

Feeling guilty she couldn’t look the pharmacist in the eye when he called her to the counter to collect her Mother’s medicine.

She mumbled a thank you and left the store.

Once she was out of sight of the pharmacy, she excitedly pulled the giant red lips from her bag and giggled hysterically.

She couldn’t believe she had just got away with it.

However, when she got home she didn’t know how she would explain the giant red lips, so she threw it out of the bathroom window over to her neighbours.

She shoplifted several more times after that, gaining more and more confident with each successful theft.

One day before school she was at her local store.

She made her way over to the shelf where the sweets were.

Looking around to make sure she wasn’t seen, she slowly opened her school bag.

Just as she was about to pick up a packet of chocolate sweets and throw it into her bag, a customer who had been watching her gave her a knowing look.

Frightened, she ran out of the store and all the way to school.

And, never shoplifted again.


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