11 Secret Herbs & Spices Served With a Side Order of Compassion


She was sitting in the drive-thru at KFC, impatiently waiting to move up to the pay window when she noticed him.

A disheveled man in his mid to late 30’s or early 40’s most likely homeless, walking awkwardly past in uncomfortable shoes.

She watched him as he walked to the end of the carpark, crossed the road to the bus stop and began foraging in the rubbish bin for food.

She reflected on her own situation.

She had had a bad day at work.

She was tired and grumpy and hungry, and couldn’t be bothered going home to cook.

As dire as her circumstance seemed to her a few moments earlier, paled in comparison to this destitute hungry man.

Her heart was touched.

The queue began to move and as she drove up to the pay window, she asked the cashier if they did cash-out mentioning that she had seen a hungry man and wanted to give him some money.

The cashier said that they didn’t do cash-outs, processed her payment  and disappeared out of sight to fetch her order.

Distracted with her own thoughts of having to drive uptown to an ATM to get money, she hadn’t noticed the cashier had returned with her order.

The cashier held up two bags of food “This is your order, and this (holding up the second bag) is for the hungry man”.

Startled at the cashiers simple act of kindness, she thanked her.

As she drove down the drive and across the road to the bus stop, the man sat on the bus stop bench his mouth full of food from the rubbish bin.

She offered him the KFC bag which he enthusiastically accepted, thanking her profusely.

As she drove away she looked in her rear vision mirror through teary eyes to see him ripping the bag open, grabbing at the food and stuffing it in his mouth.

Her heart ached for this hungry stranger, his heartfelt gratitude and the thoughtful gesture and compassion of the cashier.



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