Her Complicated Brother


When they were younger,

they used to get on very well.

He was very protective of his little sister.

As teens their relationship changed.

He became addicted to sniffing glue.

Something she couldn’t relate to.

So she stopped relating to him, and he to her.

As they became young adults,

their lives grew further and further apart.

She was earning a great salary in her chosen career.

He was living in a trailer park, unemployed and still addicted to glue.

One day her and a work colleague were walking down the street.

Her brother and his girlfriend were walking towards them.

She saw him,

but he didn’t see her.

So she crossed the road,

so that he wouldn’t see her.

As adults he got his life back on track

and replaced the addiction to glue, with anger.

She tried to relate to him,

but he didn’t want to relate to her.

As they grew older she uncovered his vulnerabilities,

discovering her older brother was a little boy lost.

Instinctively the little sister became protective of her older brother.

He began to relate to her,

and her to him.















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