An Exotic Dog House


My brother and his dog Hongi arrived unexpectedly at our house one Friday afternoon.

They had made the long four-hour trip  from the country into the city.

My brother wanted to leave Hongi with us for the weekend.

Initially I wasn’t sure that Hongi and our dog Pepe would get along.

However, as soon as the two dogs saw each other they began vigorously playing with each other.

When my brother was about to leave, I asked him where Hongi would sleep because Pepe had his own dog house.

I teased my brother that Pepe’s house was a designer dog house made in Canada, and that Pepe wouldn’t want to share his house with his country bumpkin cousin Hongi.

My brother reached into the back of his car and pulled out an empty cardboard banana box, throwing it on the ground beside Pepe’s dog house and said.

“That’s Hongi’s bed…it’s all the way from Ecuador”…Lol!





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