Scent Back To 1984


Isn’t it amazing the nostalgic feelings¬†that a certain scent can provoke.

In the weekend my niece gave me a bottle of my favourite perfume, YSL Opium.

As I inhaled the scent I was immediately transported back to 1984 when I was a third former in college (equivalent: Freshman in High School).

I was attending my first college dance and a friend had let me wear some of her YSL Opium perfume.

I was dressed as Madonna with lace gloves, head scarf tied in a bow and a double-studded belt over my short dress which i wore with stockings, socks and lace-up white shoes.

I felt so sophisticated and everyone said that they loved my Madonna look.

I remember a boy from my class walking into the dance wearing a replica red Michael Jackson jacket and a diamante glove on one hand, and how ridiculous he looked.

I obviously didn’t think I looked ridiculous…Lol!

Then when it came to a slow dance, a senior asked me to dance.

At first I didn’t want to dance with him because I was ridiculously immature.

But one of my friends threatened me that if I didn’t dance with him, she wouldn’t speak to me again.

Bowing to peer pressure I danced with this senior.

We danced and talked and danced, and before we knew it the dance had ended and I was in love.

He was so cute.

Strangely with all the talking we did I only knew his name, that he was a senior and that his female cousin was also in my dorm.

After the dance and while walking back to the dorm, my dorm sisters teased me about dancing with this senior.

Not only was it really unusual for a junior to get asked to dance by a senior, it was even more unusual to dance with him for the rest of the night.

I later found out that this senior was one of the most popular guys in school, and he was also the captain of the basketball team.

I was flattered that he fancied me enough to ask me to dance.

Exaggerated or not, all this from a whiff of perfume.


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