The Power of the Holy Ghost


My friend told me of an experience she had one Sunday morning.

She hadn’t been back to church in over a decade and initially was hesitant to go.

But as she walked toward the front door of the chapel, she could hear the Sunday School children singing a familiar song ‘I am a Child of God’.

She was overwhelmed with a feeling of love, and began to tremble.

I joked with her that it was the power of the Holy Ghost letting her know that that was where she needed to be.

A few weeks later my Mother had a heart attack and was taken to hospital.

I knew I had to be there because the situation was dire, but I didn’t want to go alone.

I needed the support of my older sister.

She was coming from another city, but was expected within a few hours.

Later my sister called to say she was driving straight to the hospital, because to come and pick me up would be out of her way.

I was angry that I had waited for her.

As I climbed into my car, the reality that I would be driving to the hospital alone struck me.

I wondered if I would arrive at the hospital too late.

I began to weep uncontrollably and said a little prayer to try and calm myself.

Strangely, a feeling of warmth immediately enveloped me.

It was almost as if someone had wrapped me in a soft fluffy blanket.

I felt a strong impression that my Mother would be okay.

Blinded to the power of the Holy Ghost, I turned on the air conditioning to cool down the warmth I was experiencing.

I dismissed the feeling that my Mother would be okay as wishful thinking.

I let doubt set in, and drove to the hospital fearful that I would arrive too late.







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