The Seriousness of Bedtime



In the early stages of their relationship, she would dress in sexy lingerie and playfully tease him in bed.

As their relationship progressed, she didn’t have to wear sexy lingerie to get him excited.

By the time they were engaged there was little fuss.  It was either going to happen or not, and most nights it happened.

When they were first married, they wore cute matching pyjamas and she would fall asleep in his arms.

When their first child was born he would go to sleep before her, so he could wake up to do the night feeds.

As their child grew older they had to schedule once-a-month sleep dates with each other.

When they had their second child, they would crawl into bed and fall asleep exhausted.

As their children grew up, he would stay up late watching Family Guy on television, while she desperate for sleep would jab him in his side to turn the TV down.

As their tenth wedding anniversary approached, he lay in bed checking his emails on his phone, while she sat up polishing coconut oil over little wooden animals she’d made that day.







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