I Would Prefer to be Deaf


I was once asked if I had to choose which would I prefer,

to be blind,

or deaf.

An odd question I know.

My answer was immediate,

I would prefer to be deaf.

I wanted to see what was happening in my world.

I wanted to see the faces of my loved ones and friends.

I wanted to witness the beauty of nature.

I couldn’t imagine being blind.

But when my friend answered the same question,

her answer made me reconsider.

She said she would prefer to be blind,

because she couldn’t imagine a world without sound,

without music,

or the spoken word.

She couldn’t imagine not being able to hear laughter,

or crying.

Although I have fond memories of my Mother.

After she passed away I would replay a message she left on my voicemail.

There was nothing extraordinary about her message.

I just wanted to hear the sound of her voice again.

Her dulcet tone,

her inflection on certain words,

her breathy monotonous voice.

Fortunately, I do not have to choose, as I can both see and hear.

















9 thoughts on “I Would Prefer to be Deaf

  1. wow….that was wonderful.
    Now if I were asked the same question, I would rather be deaf. For the reasons you wrote above. My grandmother who was my everything passed over a year ago and i have all her journals that i can read and all her mothers journals as well. Honestly I would never want to loose any of my senses, especially my mind. But if I were blind I could not have been blessed to have read your beautiful thought above.


    1. I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Yes! I agree how wonderful it is to be able to see and read the words she and your Great Grandmother wrote in their journals. We are truly blessed to have all our senses and to be able to
      see and hear the people we love.

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  2. This is actually a common question my friends like to ask. If you could only have four senses, which four would you keep? And it always amuses me when my friends realize that I already have four senses. Been that way since birth.

    And it always amuses me even more when they realize I rather answer the question, which three senses would I keep? After all, I know what life is like being deaf but is that a sense? And I love being deaf. So, if I were to be a “five senses” person, I would choose to be deaf and blind. To be able to smell, taste, and touch….hmm…. when the lights go out, I know I don’t need to hear, and no one can see in the dark anyways, but to be able to smell danger, touch my way around, and taste the difference between water and poison…. that’s saying something.

    Interesting how one word creates a prompt. Been checking out those who respond to the silence prompt and this prompt of yours was well written. It is a very common question I get asked. I’m glad you wrote about it so I could read instead of listening to your words. That’s a first for me.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I find it super interesting about your choice of preferring to be deaf and blind. The thought of losing one of my senses is frightening enough, but to lose two, especially sight and sound is petrifying, but that is from the perspective of someone who has all five senses. You have certainly given me a lot to ponder.

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      1. The fear of losing senses, regardless of which one or all of them, is certainly a natural feeling to have. It might be a result of the sum of my life experiences and knowledge that allows me to overcome such fear. After all, fear and/or ignorance is really an effect of the unknown. Over the years, I have met people with all kinds of human conditions, and they have taught me great things, including the best feeling, being human no matter what. It’s certainly brain food for thought.

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