Headphones Without Music




My Ipod battery went flat in the middle of a song.

In the middle of my journey home on the bus.

But I kept my headphones on,

and moved my head pretending to be listening to my song.


I was listening to House Music on my Ipod.

The loud rhythmic beat of the drum and bass pumping in my ears.

I did a quiet burp.

There was a disturbance behind me.

Everyone was looking.

I looked behind me.

I couldn’t see anything.

Curious, I removed one of my earphones.

The bus although in motion was dead quiet.

They had heard my not-so-quiet burp.

They had been looking at me.


Sometimes I put on my headphones.

Sometimes when I am walking down the street.

Sometimes I’m not even listening to music.

Sometimes I just don’t want to be disturbed.


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