Welfare Momma



Welfare Momma where yo baby at?

While you sittin’ in the garage drinking and smokin’ with yo friends.

Welfare Momma where yo baby daddy at?

In prison again?

Welfare Momma pregnant with yo second child to yo second man,

can’t even look after yo first child to yo first man.

Welfare Momma all black eyed and bruised.

Beat by yo second baby daddy, and you took’n him back?

Welfare Momma uneducated because you left school early to have yo baby.

And, now yo bringing a second baby into this mess that is yo life.

Welfare Momma adding to teen pregnancy stats, the stereotype of people on welfare and the degradation of yo race.

But you wear it like a badge of honour, loud and proud.

Welfare Momma can’t help yo’self coz you in a cycle repeated by yo Momma and yo Momma’s Momma.


Fo yo baby and yo baby’s babies.


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