F*#K You All


*Disclaimer:  This is a light-hearted post not intended to offend anyone who suffers from Tourettes.


Lately two of my friends on Facebook have been hacked.


They say they have been hacked.

They apologise for any offensive or hurtful comments that may have been posted from their Facebook account.


How do we really know this is true?

How do we know if they are suffering from cyber tourettes?

What if their excessive use of Facebook has caused them cyber tourettes?

I don’t think cyber tourettes really exists.


If it did.

It would be defined as having an overwhelming desire to tell people what you really think of them online.

You would have a finger tic that makes you type out abusive comments involuntarily.

And, a lack of memory that makes you forget you’ve done it.

One moment, you are posting a video on how to make a cute moving caterpillar out of straws.

The next, you are spewing out your venom in a post “Cathy you SL*T BAG who likes to take it in the B*TT, you W#@*$”.


5 thoughts on “F*#K You All

  1. Now I challenge you to write a post describing how inaccurate a portrayal this is of someone who actually has tourettes. It’s sort of sad how half of the posts on wordpress tagged with “tourettes” are along these lines. I posted the other day with the tag “tourettes”. My post is called “drugs” – I think you should read it.


    1. Hey Jeff! Thanks for your feedback. I thought my post WAS an inaccurate portrayal of someone with (cyber) tourettes. I didn’t realise there was an exclusivity of using the tag “tourettes”? This is news to me. I won’t be taking up your kind offer to read your post. But thanks!


  2. I think it’s interesting that you make fun of a debilitating disorder, and when someone suggests you educate yourself to understand what you’re mocking, you sarcastically lash out. Your post reminds me of this old dude down my street. He likes to tell racist jokes, but he proceeds each one with a “no offense intended” statement, so that makes it OK.


  3. Did you know that less than 10% of people with Tourettes have tics that involve swearing? It’s actually pretty uncommon! Also did you know that many people have tics that make them physically hurt? At the end of the day, a person can actually feel emotionally and physically in pain. I know it’s an easy joke to make, I do. But know that there are real people behind the disorder.

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