Growing Up in the 80s

Roller skates


Vivid recollections of my childhood.

My crazy Uncle John wearing his metal army helmet whenever he drove his 1949 Mercury Coupe.

Hanging out at the local skate rink just to be able to hang out with boys.

Delicious ice-cream on a cone that Uncle Moe bought all us kids after church every Sunday.

Buying a live baby chick from a school fair which freaked my Mother out when I took it home.  (In hindsight, who sells live baby chickens to children at a inner-city school fair?!?).

Weekends spent at my Great Aunt Elsie who liked to cut the mould from rainbow cake before serving it to her guests with a hot cup of tea.

Time spent with my estranged Dad standing in line waiting to buy tickets to the Movies during school holidays.

The smell of chips (french fries) and vinegar mixed with the smell of chlorine…fond memories of swimming at the local pool with friends.


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