Luck Fate or a Blessing?



Luck, fate or a blessing?

She had been looking for a part-time job to earn some much needed extra money.

That particular day she had forgotten her mobile at home, and a professor she knew from another campus, had been trying to call her to offer her a job.

That afternoon she was walking down the hallway of a building on her campus that she wouldn’t normally be in.

She was there to do a one-off presentation.

Coming in the opposite direction down that same hallway, was the professor she knew from another campus.

Like her, he was in that building to attend a one-off meeting.

When they bumped into each other, he offered her a job which she gladly accepted.

Luck, fate or was it a blessing?

Years later after college.

She had bills to pay including a years car payments, she couldn’t give up her job.

But she didn’t have a choice.

She gave up her job to care for her Mother who was recovering from a heart attack.

One way or another, money flowed her way allowing her to meet her financial commitments.

A tax refund,

Friends and family’s gifting her money,

A refund for an overpayment made months earlier.


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