Unfamiliar Territory



Love wasn’t unfamiliar territory so much,

as territory she hadn’t ventured in,

in a long while.

In hindsight she was sure they had had a few interactions,

but they weren’t significant enough for her to remember.


she remembers her first impression of him.

She thought he was a little reclusive,

yet desperate to fit in with the younger crowd,

and that he kinda’ smelled and looked like a homeless person.

Strangely a man who was a walking contradiction,

tended to be the kind of guy that she fell for these days.

As she had grown older,

her dreams of a man who was an intelligent professional,

with a creative background had been left,

in her dreams.

This was because reality had smacked her in the face one to many times,

that that kind of man didn’t exist for her.

One day after class he overheard her conversation with her tutor about her voluntary work with the needy.

This piqued his interest,

and he quickly moved into the desk next to her,

blocking her from leaving.

He asked her about her voluntary work.

His intense stare and genuine interest,

made her see him for the first time.


To be continued in…Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


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