Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained



A continuing story from ‘Unfamiliar Territory’…

They only shared one class together that semester.

He always seemed to either be late for class,

and forced to sit in the only available seat at the back of the classroom,

or he didn’t turn up at all.

Not that she noticed,

she fooled herself into believing.

But by the end of that semester,

having had only a few classroom interactions of little significance with him,

she lost interest in ever getting to know him.

However, in the following semester they found themselves sharing another class.

Funnily enough,

the class was a little too academic for her,

but one he was immersed in.

And, so it seemed,

he was always targeting her and her friends,

sitting with them each time he came to class.

When the class broke into pairs to work on a presentation due at the end of the semester,

he was quick to ask her to work with him.

She assumed it was because they were the only adult students in the class.

However, working closely together,

she began to notice things about him she found attractive.


he didn’t smell,

he still had the goatee,

but somehow she could see more of his handsome features.

and his clothes seemed clean and pressed.

She learned that he was highly intelligent,

and had worked as a Commodities Lawyer in Europe.

He was also an accomplished musician who wrote, played and sung.

She couldn’t believe her good fortune.

Could he be her dream man?

Although he would turn out to be enigmatic,

she would uncover alot about him in the lyrics to his songs.


To be continued in…To the Moon & Back


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