To The Moon& Back



A continuing story from ‘Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained’…

She wondered if falling for him was because he met her “Dream Man” criteria,

or whether it was because of the way he made her feel.

He had an intensity about him she had never seen in a guy before.

He would stare into her eyes as if she was the only person in the room.

They shared the same sense of humour,

and were always laughing.

He encouraged her,

especially when she got down on herself.

And, he complimented her on her level of intelligence.

But as close as they seemed to be getting,

outside of class he was only contactable by email.

He wasn’t even on social media.

He had told her that,

but unbeknownst to him,

she had also checked.

She began to wonder if he had something to hide.

Because although he had a mobile he never offered his number.

She had offered hers,

but he had brushed it off saying he preferred they used email.

One day he gave her a CD of songs that he had written.

It was a professionally produced CD which impressed her.

But listening to the lyrics of his songs gave her a deeper insight about him.

The lyrics spoke of unrequited love.

which strangely made her feel jealous of the girl in the songs

and sad for him.

She wondered what it would be like if he loved her,

the way he loved the girl in his songs.

All she knew was that she was infatuated with him to the moon and back.

and that he was too infatuated with his “song girl” to notice.


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