You Can’t Have Rainbows…



Initially her new job overwhelmed her.

So much so,

that she went into meltdown.

Scrambling to find another job,

she spent each lunch break searching a multitude of websites.

One day she thought,

if only she could pause and rewind her life back,

she wouldn’t have accepted this hideous job.

But if that were possible,

she wouldn’t have found out just how great the job would turn out to be.

She wouldn’t have realised the awesome opportunities the job offered her.

She wouldn’t have met all her great and wonderful colleagues,

who encouraged her not to give up and supported her along the way.

She wouldn’t have met her amazing new friend who quickly became her confidant.

Thinking back to how she initially felt about her job,

she remembered a saying “You can’t have rainbows without a little rain”.

This made her smile.


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