Some People Are Hilarious



The following Twitter Bio’s caught my attention:

  1. Tried to join the circus but I wasn’t funny and couldn’t juggle.
  2. I stand in my power, each morning I will rise but I will not shine.
  3. Pornstar turned Journalist
  4. Just your average intelligent 6 foot Blonde
  5. I like things and stuff.
  6. Crap gardener.
  7. Burnt Out Hospo Droid, re-purposed for Political Punditry. Not suitable for children’s parties or weddings.
  8. Suffers from middle child syndrome & the urge to scribble.
  9. Turns out the wolves are better dancers than me.
  10. Gorgeous mother of heaps and heaps of kids. So talented yet humble.
  11. A summer girl currently living an endless life of Winter.
  12. I would love to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without it’s motives being questioned.
  13. Mediocre, according to experts.
  14. By day I help brands and people do cool stuff on social media. By night I sleep with a cat who claws my face.
  15. Jesus with Issues: I am God’s son. But I’m also God. But different. You wouldn’t understand. Sometimes I do magic tricks.
  16. Half Chinese half conscious.
  17. Chef: I cut things with a knife and cook them.
  18. We ruminate & collaborate. anticipate & navigate. formulate. disseminate.
  19. Actual cheeseball: mostly cheese, slightly nuts, big hit at parties.
  20. Known to skip town days before major natural disasters.  Now of the desert.



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