Dear Dr Phil


Dear Dr Phil,

Your TV Show really sucks these days.

In between promoting Robin’s skincare range, her (charitable) foundation, your son Jordon’s band and your son Jay’s TV series and publishing company, there is little time left after more commercials than on any other TV show, for The McGraw Family Show.

Opps! I mean The Dr Phil Show.

No! I am not a hater…just a stater.

Your guests have become a little Jerry Springer’esque as in attention-seeking.

Example 1:

The “catch me outside how bout dah” girl.


Example 2:

The 19 year old who thinks she is pregnant with baby Jesus.


One of the best things to happen to daytime TV was the demise of the Jerry Springer show.

So why bring it back Dr Phil?

Your stories are also a little Jerry Springer’esque.

The other day you interviewed the parents of a convicted killer who committed suicide in prison.

You allowed them to comment about how their daughters murder conviction was wrong, despite it being proven in a court of law.

You allowed them to make accusations about their daughters mistreatment while in prison.

You also allowed them to discuss their conspiracy theory that their daughter was murdered in prison, and that the prison covered it up to look like a suicide.

All without evidence, or comments from anyone else.

Really Dr Phil?




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