The Blue Dress



Her and her younger sister Wilimina were avid vintage shoppers.

They hadn’t seen each other in several months.

So when they got together that weekend, they decided to spend the Saturday shopping at their local second hand stores.

Arriving at the strip mall, there was no parking close to the Salvation Army store they wanted to visit.

They ended up parking some distance away, and walking back.

Once inside the store they followed their usual routine, she headed toward the furniture Wilimina toward the clothes.

About five minutes later, she looked up from a retro armchair she was contemplating to see her sister standing at the counter holding up a blue dress.

Wilimina usually made her way through every rack of clothing, collecting several items at a time.

She would try on each item, and ask her sisters opinion before deciding on her top three.

There was obviously something special about that blue dress she thought to herself, looking back at the armchair.

She heard Wilimina tell the cashier that she would be back, and looked up to see her exiting out the door leaving the dress on the counter.

She walked toward the door to follow her, but was distracted by a pair of tortoise shell cats-eye sunglasses in the display case.

As much as she wanted them, they were a little too pricey she thought.

Walking out the door, she looked up the street to see Wilimina disappear around the corner.

She surmised that her sisters bank card probably declined, it wouldn’t be the first time, and that she had gone back to her car to get some cash.

She re-entered the store and continued browsing.

After a long while, she looked up to see the blue dress still on the counter and that her sister hadn’t returned to the store.

She looked at her watch to see that an hour and a half had passed.

Bemused, she made her way back to the car looking into each store for Wilimina.

Returning to the car, she was surprised that her sister wasn’t there.

As she waited she regretted having left her her mobile at home.

After a while all she could think about was the awkwardness of having to stand around waiting by Wilimina’s car.

Almost an hour passed before she became concerned enough to find a phone box and call her parents.

They hadn’t heard from Wilimina.

While her dad drove to the mall to meet her, her mum’s calls to Wilimina’s mobile went unanswered.

When her dad finally arrived, they set about on foot, looking in every store for Wilimina, before calling the Police.

But Wilimina had disappeared, without a trace.


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