Skating On Thin Ice



She couldn’t ice skate.

She had never ice-skated.

But she decided to go ice-skating with friends.

Her friends sped around the rink.

She clung with one hand to the barrier,

preferring to teach herself to skate.

She was doing well,

until she was confronted by another novice ice skater,

coming in the opposite direction.

Both of them with one hand clinging to the barrier.

She smiled,

hoping he would give way to her.

He smiled,

but wasn’t giving up his place on the barrier.


she let go of the barrier to get around him.

She was unsteady on  her skates,

and fell forward.

He offered to help her up.



her long hair got stuck in the zip of his pants.

What are the odds?


4 thoughts on “Skating On Thin Ice

      1. I know! Tehehe! But it was meant to be one of those stories that makes you think what happened next? How could she have just disappeared? Why did she leave the store without telling her sister? Where was she going?…Tehehe!

        Liked by 1 person

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