The Cardigan Without Buttons

balls of yarn


My first job was working as a cashier in a supermarket earning minimum wage.

During my lunch break I preferred window shopping,

to sitting alone in the lunch room.

I had absolutely no interest in yarn, or knitting,

but found myself drawn to a store that sold yarn.

I would visit the store once a week looking at the balls of coloured yarn.

Soon I was chatting with the owner of the store who worked behind the counter.

I was young and naive and she convinced me that she would knit me a cardigan.

I would pay her $10 per week which was a lot of money back then.

I think I was only making $60 or $70 a week at the time.

After 3 months and having paid a whooping $130,

I received my cardigan.

I felt disappointed and ripped-off.

It was ugly, ill-fitting and had button holes but no buttons.


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