All Because I Returned a Library Book

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I am not an apprentice as such.

I’ve worked since I was 17 years old.

But after a life-changing event that taught me ‘life is too short’,

I went back to school as an adult student to fulfill a life long dream.

I spent three years studying for my Communications Degree,

graduating last year.

I am back at school part – time,

studying Journalism.

I study for the same college I completed my Degree at,

but I study online because I also work weird hours.

Today I returned a library book on campus.

I actually needed the book for my studies.

I had renewed it twice before and tried to renew it again online.

But it wouldn’t let me : (

Apparently you can’t renew a book more than twice.

I went up to campus and walked into the student Hub to return the library book.

Immediately a feeling of nostalgia came over me.

It felt like I was returning home.

Ohhhhhh! I miss studying full time.

The weird thing is that studying for my Degree was really difficult for me.

I struggled to comprehend…everything!

I was also the same age as most of my fellow students parents.

But I loved learning something new every day.

I loved working with like-minded people.

I loved having my creativity supported,

and I loved strategising ideas.


I really, really miss studying full time.



I did the “student thing”.

I returned my library book in the return slot,

and went and loaned another copy of the same book : )



2 thoughts on “All Because I Returned a Library Book

  1. Hey there – I had a coffee with a friend today in a cafe within a student bookstore. Two things occured to me – firstly, how do students afford to eat here and secondly, this makes me feel really old !

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