Mini Hot Dogs – A Mother’s Secret?

mini hot dogs


A work colleague of mine is a single mother raising two teenage sons.

We heard more about her son’s lives than any of my other colleagues.

She wasn’t the only mother in our office, nor the only solo mother.

But it was obvious that being a mother was important to her.

Every day she had something new to announce about her son’s lives.

Whether it was one of her son’s making the rugby team, a new girlfriend, or Facebook drama,

we heard all about it.

One day we had a shared morning tea and she bought in mini hot dogs.

I had never seen mini hot dogs before and complimented her on them.

Her response,

“It’s a mummy thing!  You know how to make these things when you have kids”.

She knew that I didn’t have children.

I wondered if this was a personal attack on me, or whether she really believed that only mothers knew how to put a cocktail sausage into a dinner roll.




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