Absurdities of the Obscene



Walking home late from school, Cathy and I were two teenage girls minding our own business.

Just as we approached a fenced walkway that ran between two houses, we saw him.

Standing there, his jacket open exposing his naked body to us, his penis pointing at us.

Horrified we ran screaming all the way home.


The next day in the Principals office with our Principal, Cathy’s mother and a police officer,

we were asked about our ordeal.

“How big was his diddle?” we were asked.

How big was his diddle? I thought…who uses the word diddle? I  knew what a penis was.

This was embarrassing!

Having to discuss the size of a strangers diddle in front of a friends mother and two grown men.


Later waiting in the hallway outside the Principals office.

His door closed so we could not hear the conversation between him, Cathy’s mother and the police officer.

I asked Cathy about the strangers diddle.

“Did you really see it?”


“Well why did you say you had?”

“I don’t know!”


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