The Cheese Board Connoisseur

red wax cheese


The managers at work had a catered lunch,

and sent us the leftovers.

By the time my eighteen-year-old self found out about this free lunch,

all that was left was the cheese board.

While others complained about the unknown cheeses, preferring to pick at the grapes and crackers,

my adventurous and very hungry self decided to show the other cheese board novices how its done.

One of the first cheeses I chose was a thin slice of Babybel, complete with the red wax packaging.

Although at the time I did not realise it was packaging, let alone wax packaging,

I put the entire piece in my mouth and began crunching away at it uneasily.

My colleagues looked at me in shock,

biting their lips to stop themselves from laughing.

One brave soul pipped up and announced “the red stuff is wax” as he smiled awkwardly.

We all laughed hysterically,

while I spat the cheese and a thousands pieces of shattered wax into a paper napkin.

That day I became the running joke in the office…and was reminded of my misdemeanor at every free lunch, and every shared morning tea…Lol!


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