Train on the Eastern Line



Her Mothers Story

She sat in the car,

constantly looking at her watch.

The train from Britomart is running late.

Sterling’s Story

She sat on the train,

the hot sun on her face.

Music blaring in her ear buds.

Her Mothers Story

Seeing the train pull in to the station,

she was relieved.

About time, she thought,

as she climbed out of her car.

Sterling’s Story

Climbing off the train,

she waved goodbye to her friends,

and did a little bunny hop onto the station platform.

She was excited.

Her Mothers Story

She was taking Sterling to her first ball gown fitting.

She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

She waved her arms above her head,

to get Sterling’s attention.

Sterling’s Story

She was excited about going to get her first ball gown fitted.

as she crossed the train track,

something in her peripheral vision caught her attention.

She looked over to see her Mother waving at her.

But just then,

the 4.30pm train from Sylvia Park to Britomart struck her.

Rest in Peace little Blossom


***See Prologue to Train on the Eastern Line – 19 June 2017***


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