The Naked Boys



When I was ten years old, my Mother would take me on cub camps with her.

She was a District Cub Leader.

Another Cub Leader brought her daughter to camps as well, and we were company for each other.

One night wanting to stay up late, the two of us sat in the hallway outside the boys dormitory using the light coming from their open door to read our comics.

The boys sat in the middle of the dorm floor, playing spin the bottle.

After several spins and several harmless dares, came the ultimate challenge.

The boys would run naked from one end of the dorm to the other.

They shut the door and told us they would open it again once the dare was complete.

They stripped naked and ran from one end of the dorm to the other.

However, as they neared the door closest to us, some of the boys slammed against the door, and it inadvertently opened.

Thinking the dare was complete, I pushed the door wide open, exposing the group of about thirty naked boys all cowering for cover, unsure whether to cover their penis or bottom.


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