Prologue to Train on the Eastern Line



(Train on the Eastern Line – 17 June, 2017)

A few hours later,

having stood impatiently,

a crowd of over one hundred,


about the inconvenience,

of the stopped trains.

All waiting for a bus.

and being passed by twelve buses,

too full to stop.

That when a bus finally stops,

letting some of them onboard,

they are relieved,

to be on their way home.


But across town,

a Mother is tormented,

by the simple action,

of waving at her daughter.

of distracting her,

as she crossed the train track.

Her heart,

feels like it has been ripped,

from her soul

She agonizes,

wishing it were a dream.

Because the pain is such,

that she feels,

she can’t go on.


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