Sunshine on a Gloomy Day



I am broke.

I text my sister asking her if I can borrow $300.

She tells me to come over to her house and collect the money.

When I get there she discreetly hands me a wad of cash,

so that her husband doesn’t see.

I put the money straight into my purse.

On the drive home, I stop at the lights.

It’s peak hour traffic, so I know the wait will be longer than usual.

I pull the wad of $20 notes out of my purse and start counting it.






I love my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that I can’t contain myself, and move about in my seat doing a happy dance.

I look across to the next car, to see a kid and his parent looking at me bemused.

I pick up my cellphone and hold it up to my mouth as if I am talking to someone on speaker.



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