2017 has been Savage



There is a post that has gone viral on social media.

It has probably been around for years, but I have only just heard of it.

The instruction is to grab the first book closest to you, turn to page 117 and read from the second sentence on that page, which will describe how 2017 will turn out for you.

I started a new job this year.

I am working for one of those company’s where everyone speaks in acronyms.

The computer systems are not user-friendly, and break down at least once a month, causing extreme frustration.

I have struggled more in this job, than any job I have ever worked in.

Did I really need to know how bad my year has been, by following the equivalent to a modern day chain letter?


I did.

The closet book to me at the time was ‘The Essential Gibran.

I turned to page 117 and read the second sentence:

“God’s peace be unto you. ┬áThe situation here increases in confusion daily and my patience has reached its limit, for I am among a people whose language I do not understand and who do not understand mine”.



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