Dear Princess Diana



She wrote to Princess Diana,

addressing the letter:

Princess Diana

Buckingham Palace


She didn’t even use a postage stamp.

In her letter,

she poured out her heart and soul,

telling Princess Diana how much she loved and admired her,

and asked her for an autographed photo.

Weeks later,

she received a letter from Kensington Palace.


she tore the envelope open.

It wasn’t from Princess Diana.

It was from Anne Beckwith-Smith,

Lady-in-Waiting (to Princess Diana).

She thanked her for her letter,

advising that she was unable to send a photograph of Princess Diana,

because of the amount of similar requests,

received at the palace each day.

It was bitter sweet.

She was disappointed,

at not getting an autographed photo.

But happy,

that her letter made it to England.

The next day,

she took her letter to school,

to show off.


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