I’m Late! I’m Late! for a Very Important Date

download (2).jpg


Fresh out of school, I applied for a job with a major New Zealand Bank as a Bank Teller.

I was surprised to gain an interview.

However, on the day of my interview Murphy’s Law kicked in.

My sister who had offered to drive me to my interview, changed her mind at the last minute, leaving me to catch the bus.

In my haste to catch the bus I forgot the interview letter, which had the address for my interview.

Arriving in the city, I had to find a telephone box to call home which proved challenging.

After I called home and obtained the interview address, I walked to the other side of the city, thinking I knew where I was going.

I ended up in the wrong place.

An hour late to my interview, I walked in hot, sweaty and panting.

The interviewer was curt, telling me off for being tardy, and refused to interview me.

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