It Could be Worse



She sat in the waiting room of her Gynaecologist on tenterhooks.

Waiting for the Practice Nurse to prepare her paperwork to take away.

What would the future bring?

An ultrasound had discovered polyps in her uterus.

Her Doctor had referred her to a Gynaecologist.

Her Gynaecologist advised her that her poor health meant that she was at high risk of her polyps being cancerous.

She would have surgery within four days.

She’d never had surgery.

She’d never even been admitted to hospital.

Her polyps could be cancerous?

And, all the Gynaecologist seemed to be worried about, was getting prior approval from her insurance company to get the surgery done.

But her concern was that, although this was all very unemotional and routine for her Gynaecologist,

this was her life,

this was her health,

she’d just received some pretty shitty news,

and had to deal with it,

Could it be worse?

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