A Brother She Never Knew


She first heard about him when she was in College.

She had just come back off holiday and was gathered with friends in her dorm room.

They were munching on popcorn and gossiping about what each other had done during the holiday break.

Her friends Charlotte and Diane rushed into her room and excitedly announced that they had met her brother.

Surprised she asked which brother, because she had four brothers.

Charlotte said they met Barry.

Confused, she said that she didn’t have a brother named Barry.

And, so began the conversation about the brother she never knew.

Barry lived in the same small town as Charlotte and Diane.

They had met him at a dance during the holidays.

When they told him the college they attended, he asked if they knew his sister.

Barry’s Father had married her Mother and had had Barry.

When they divorced, she left Barry with his father and moved to a large city.

She ended up re- marrying and had a new family with three daughters and four sons.

She had kept in touch with Barry over the years.

But there was mystery surrounding Barry and his father.

Why hadn’t her Mother ever mentioned this previous marriage?

Or her son?

Over the years she had wanted to confront her Mother about Barry but just as she was about to, she would always lose her nerve.

When her Mother passed away she had a fleeting thought about Barry.

She wondered how he would know about their Mother’s passing.

Barry remains the brother she never knew.









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